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Collections at Sunday and Holyday Masses

The First Collection at Mass: Support of Priests The first collection at Mass supports priests currently serving in the diocese as well as those who are retired or sick. A scheme introduced in July 2010 has standardised the level of remuneration of all priests in the diocese, in accordance with position held and years of […]

Family Offerings

After Car Park rental income, the Family Offering is our most important source of income and we appreciate the generosity of all those who contribute. This money covers the day-to-day running of the church, which includes utility bills, insurance, small repairs and maintenance. While we are pleased to receive contributions in any form, we do […]

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the parish priest in relation to financial matters. It oversees parish finances in order to support liturgical services, community activities and maintain parish property with full transparency and accountability. Members of the Finance Committee President: V. Rev. Fergus O’Connor, PP Chairman: John Halpin Members: